Hi Su, I was delighted with the two prints I purchased from you. I would like to thank you for a prompt service and for your follow up email to check everthing was OK. I have had the prints framed and I am sure my wife will be as pleased with them as I am when I give them to her on Christmas day. I will certainly recommend you to my friends.
B. W - London - U.K

Hi Su Great to see you today, hope the mince pies are ok?? Both John & myself are over the moon with the print. Thank You so much it is gorgeous & rather naughty of you. It will be treasured. Well I hope you both have a Great Christmas & a Happy New Year, hope to see you soon. Thanks again for the horseshoe print it means a great deal.
K + J - Dorset - U.K

Hi, again, Su.
Thanks for the interesting stuff about Miss North. I had no idea there was such a building at Kew. So thanks again, Su. You really are THE most thoughtful lady. I hope you are by now back to the artwork.
P. B - New Zealand

Dear Su,
I like your art very much - without reservations. I like your drawings a lot - without exceptions.
M. M - Canada

Dear Sue
The print arrived o.k. and I am very happy with the service I received from your good self. I first saw the little chap on the orangutan foundation web site and I thought what a beautiful expression he had on his face. He looks so kind, considerate, content, reasonable, compassionate, understanding, lovable and hairy, just like me. I'm even thinking of having a tattoo of him on my shoulder.(with your permission of course). I really must compliment you on your skills as an artist, you are fantastic.
Happy christmas and Luv from Septimus Aloysius Lazenby (my pseudonym) :-)
S. L - East Yorkshire - U.K

Dear Su,
I was delighted with your print of the Leonberger and the card of the same. The quality was superb and delivery was prompt and packaging excellent. I have had the print framed for my sister as she has just bought a Leonberger puppy for her recent retirement - she couldn't be happier with it.
Many thanks and kind regards, Judy Stobbs
J. S - Northumberland - U. K

Hi there, Su (or can I call you 'sushi'?) Don't know why, but it just sounds nice as a word.
What a wonderful exposition on fire and all things to do with fire! I don't have it in front of me as I write but I can remember reading what you wrote, so eloquently, may I say. We really do seem to be uncannily like two flakes off the same piece of flint, methinks. Perhaps 'flakes' is the wrong word to use here, but you see what I mean. I can just picture you in your little nest over in your now far corner of the world. I wonder if you can picture us in ours? The fires are different every day, each one a unique living thing in the heart of our house. Just like yours is in your house.
Take care and have lots of fun. From your never-met friend,

Your peregrine is sitting watching me on my desk as I write this, and is so lifelike it's almost scary!
Paul - from the other side of the World

Hi Susan
I was so pleased with the print and the service I received that I bought another for my daughter. This is truely one of the best I have
ever seen.
Chris Bamford - Selkirkshire - Scotland

Absolutely delighted with the Amy Orangutan card and with the speed of the service. Best wishes
Tony Branson - Kent - U.K

Many Thanks for prompt despatch of Jack Russell card, it was for a colleague who was leaving to take up a new job and she adores her pet Jack Russell, so was absolutely delighted with the card ! Will remember you whenever I need any more "speciality" cards. Regards,
Judy. T - Devon - U.K

I've double checked with the person I got the card for and she said she loved it, loved the design, and would like another one - as long as it's another orang-utan! She has a thing about them.
Adam - Norfolk - U.K

The cards I purchased were beautifully made and presented. The service you offered was excellent.
Steve - Banbury - Oxfordshire

'I came across your website when intricately searching 'elephant cards' for my friend, who is currently working in Malawi, on google. She is an elephant fanatic and loves to receive post - these proved perfect as she was thoroughly delighted to receive them. Excellent prompt delivery too'
Best Wishes
Matt Berry - London - U.K

Hello Susan,
Just wanted to say that I found your work & site amazing, a breath of fresh air. You are person after my own heart. I love mother earth, wildlife,fauna & woodlands etc. I try to preserve what we have inherited in as many ways as possible although I am not an artist like yourself. A keen nature lover, I admire how your art work brings everything into real life. I shall go back to study in depth all the information & history that you have so carefully described in these wonderful pages. Greetings from the Highlands of Scotland.
Kind regards,
Maureen - Ross-Shire - Scotland

I come across to your website during the searching about wildlife conservation topic. By visiting your website with some amazing illustrations i've remembered my early days, when my father bought me a book called 'Animal Atlas' of Oxford Uni. Press with lifelike illustrations of wild animals. I still have this book with me. I really like your artwork. Your work not only pleasing and life-like but it also reflects the expressions as well as relationship between animal and it's habitat.
With best wishes and lots of success. Sincerely,
Rahul Parekh - Gujurat - India

Dear Sue,
The print arrived promptly, & looks fine. Framed up it looks very good, & the final verdict will be delivered on my wife's birthday! I think though it will gain me some house points!
Regards, and many thanks,
Brian. M - Orpington - U.K

I received the card very promptly, and was very pleased with it. It is a lovely drawing, and we are going to frame the card. I would not hesitate to recommned the products and service that you provide.
Best wishes,
Gill Chapman - South Wales - U.K

Dear Su
The Labrador print arrived safely, well packaged and in perfect condition and importantly in a timely manner. I chose this print because it is so like our much loved Yellow Lab, William, who sadly died earlier in the year, your work has brought back such happy memories for my wife and I. It is a very fine drawing, and represents the breed nicely. Many thanks for your good service and good work.
Best Regards
Alan Green - U.K

Just a quick note to let you know that the fuchsia card arrived safely - many thanks for the excellent service. It was a Christmas gift for my wife and she was very pleased with the card - in fact, I bought two so that she could give one to one of her friends who was equally impressed with the quality of the card. Many thanks again,
Alan Curtis - U.K.

Dear Su,
I was very happy with the service and the print that I received. As you may have sumized I bought the picture for a friend who loves hares. You have some fantastic work on your site - coming from a family of artists that is a compliment! I also have to say that I was delighted to receive the picture so promptly as I was late in ordering and with Christmas coming fast etc.... but it did arrive - I think the next day or certainly within two days which was amazing. Thank you again. I would certainly consider your gallery again if looking for wildlife pictures in the future.
C. P - Knaresborough - U.K

Dear Su,
I just wanted to take the time to convey to you our thanks for donating your works to our auction in London on Sunday 16th December at Flemings Mayfair Hotel. Thanks to your kindness and generousity we auctioned 1 of your images entitled 'Baby
Orangutan' and raised £100 which will go towards our critical work in rescuing and rehabilitating displaced wild orangutans in Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo. Wishing you all the best,
A. R - Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation UK - www.savetheorangutan.co.uk

Hello there. Your work is quite unbelievable - makes me feel weak-kneed in its impossibleness. Don't know how I can convey my thoughts really - just fabulous.
D - U.K



The three cards that I purchased were excellent and I will buy more in the future. Also the service was excellent.
S. H - Gloucester - U. K

Dear Su,
Thank you for your e-mail. The print arrived in perfect condition, and was quickly framed in order to protect it. It will give a lot of pleasure. Yours sincerely,
D. L - Gloucester - U.K

Thanks very much for the Hare print it arrived safe and sound. The print is a Christmas present for my wife and I know she will be thrilled. We live in a village in Leicestershire and every day we walk our labrador pup in a field full of hares. This will be a great reminder of our memories. Cheers - Richard
Richard. P - Leicestershire - U.K

I am writing to ask about the price and the possibility of a portrait of our Border Collie dog. You photographed our African grey parrot, about 18 years ago and produced a wonderful portrait from them (I notice, with great admiration, that it is on your website) and we were delighted with it. Remembering what a fantastic portrait you produced last time we are hopeful that you can find the time to produce another excellent picture. We hope your artwork for the book is going well and we are sure the conservation group will be very pleased with your work. Regards
D & T. Y - Oxford - U.K

It IS you!! I just found your website and I'm now completely awe-struck (or is that stricken?), your work is absolutely amazing. Hey, "passing ships" is such a sad thing. Once is a shame, twice would be criminal so if you'd like to stay in touch I'm right here. Watch out for those wolves!!!
R. H. - Plymouth - U.K

Dear Su,
Yes, I actually received the print yesterday and I am very pleased with it - an ideal Christmas present for one of my friends who loves boxers! Many thanks for taking the time to enquire about my receiving the print. Kind regards,
M.C. - Midlothian - U.K

Hello Su,
Im sure you dont remember me, but I'm so excited to find you. Your yahoo website page has the fantastic portrait of my pony Janie and Airlies dog Nika on it. I was working at A....... Farm when you did our wonderful portraits. You had a lovely dog, Orca? I look forward to hearing from you.
N. - Hampshire - U.K

Cards arrived OK, many thanks.
A.C - London - U.K

I have just been looking through your gallery and think your work is amazing.
K. B - Oxfordshire - U.K

I am writing to you on behalf of the Great Dane Club of Canada. I was sent your site by a friend who is just beginning to do an art class....your artwork is fabulous!! So delicate with such detail.
Deborah B. - Ontario - Canada

Dear Su,
I must say that I was more than impressed with the service you provided in getting the fine art print of the "Baby Orang Utan" to me. It was here within a couple of days from my purchase. The print itself matched up to the previous purchase we made of "Amy". The fact that we know that money from the sales is going to help in trying to overcome the plight of the Orang Utans makes the whole package so worthwhile. Thank you very much for everything. Please let us know if you produce other fine art prints.
M. L - Verwood - Dorset - U.K

Hello Su,
Many thanks for your e-mail. I purchased this card for my wife for our 9 th wedding anniversary. We love nature and have had one or two very magical experiences with Barn Owls in the English countryside. I was very impressed with the quality of the card, the print was very sharp. We are decorating our bedroom in November and I am sorely tempted to buy a print of this beautiful painting when it is finished!
Many thanks,
M. K. F - Surrey - U.K

Hi Su,
Oh My Gosh......Su, they are BEAUTIFUL, Thank you, thank you, thank you !! They arrived safe and sound and I took them to be framed today, will collect them before we head off to the show this coming weekend. I sincerely appreciate your kindness, you are a very special lady, you're one in a million. I wish you every success in everything that you do. Take care and keep smiling!
Sharon Hamilton - Missouri - U.S.A

Dear Susan,
As you know I recently ordered 'Gentle Giant' and couldn't be happier with the service I received. My picture arrived just two days after placing my order and during this time I received e-mails informing me of my orders progress. The quality of your work is outstanding and I can't stop looking at the fine detail within 'gentle giant'. It is an incredibly powerful picture and I enjoy just looking at him and waiting for him to take another step closer, it becomes that real. I hope your future customers receive as much pleasure from their purchases as I have.
Best Wishes
Kathryn. S - Southampton - U.K

My sister and I visited you on Thursday when we came to the gardens, and we were delighted that we had the chance to meet you in person. We both thought how lovely your pictures were. I cannot thank you enough.
D. S - Lincolnshire - U.K

Hi Su, Nice prints, thanks for all you've done. Thanks for everything.
Colin. M - Dorset - U.K

Hi Su,
Thanks bunches for your kind and most generous donation, we sincerely appreciate it. I have to say that I totally admire you, your work and your kindness. What a truly special lady you are!! Congratulations on your book illustration for the conservation department, and congratulations on also for becoming a Grandmother.
The Shawnee Mission Labrador Club - Kansas - U.S.A

Thank you and compliments for your excellent site.
Michael. H - Gloucestershire - U.K

I'd like to say that I just loooove your art work. Such wonderful talent.
Sharon. H - U.S.A

Dear Su - Thank you so much for your offer of a donation of one of your Fine Art prints, which we are very grateful for. Having looked at your website, I have to say it was a very difficult choice.
Julie. A - Royal Bournemouth Hospital - U.K

Delighted with the cards and the prompt delivery, the day after I'd ordered them!
Jan. A - Bucks - U.K

Hello, I happened upon your website while searching for a portrait of a German Shepherd and was just blown away with your wonderful art. I am also a portrait artist, mostly humans, however, and I do my work in oils. Right now I have been commissioned to paint a German Shepherd and was looking at different web sites for ideas. When I came across your website, I stopped.
Your work is some of the best I've seen any where.
Best of luck, and I will tell everyone about your website.
Annice. A.

Very pleased with the service. Very quick delivery and no problems with ordering or paying online. Compared with some other more well known websites, I was very impressed.
Sarah W. - U.K

Your signature looks just like my fathers. Robert Shimeld. Your art work is awesome.
Clayton - U.S.A

Your painting was very good and very realistic! it was a great birthday present thankyou
Mr Hoult - U.K

Andrew Watts is my cousin and he forwarded your site to me!! Love the pics.
Linda, Ian and Jeni S. - U.K

Hi, Su,
Thanks, I am pleased with it. I was going to send to a friend on her Birthday as she has two Jack Russells, but I think I'll keep for a while.I might copy it and have it enlarged and framed to hang on the wall. Hope yoy don't mind that?. Thanks aagain, Fran.
F. J - Shropshire - U.K