Wild bat says Hello

May 4, 2022 | Diary, Family, Wildlife

Over the years, when sat on the lawn inside the mosquito tent with my pups that are just learning to fly …as pictured above…. it’s always been a treat to be visited by bats flying free as they investigate my little rescues and chat with them. The rescues always get very excited.

Last year we added a small mesh extension to the room we call our bat gym. We knew we needed a proper flight, but this was a temporary measure. It was only small but it gave my flying rescues a safe small area to access outdoor temps and fresh air. Over the past weeks’ Joey’s flight has been improving with each flying session and last night, to his and our delight a free-flying bat joined in. The visiting pip kept flying up and around outside the mesh area: even without a detector we could hear them both communicating….and it was brilliant. Am pleased to say that Joey 🦇 is now almost ready for release. 🦇🦇


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