Swift calling

Jun 6, 2019 | Family, Wildlife

They’ve made it …yes!!!! 🙂 Absolutely delighted to see our two swifts return again this year. Sadly they don’t stay with us but as in previous years they flew close by our 3 swift boxes and then around the cottage a couple of times. We live in hope they will stay one day, but for now we are just pleased to see them return safe and sound. Also I am pleased to say that Mr.Cuckoo is still around and was calling twixt 7-8 a.m. A good start to the day.

June 6th 2023
They haven’t returned. Each year, 2-3 swifts have always flown around the cottage but never stayed with us. For years they’ve always preferred to nest in a couple of old houses in a nearby hamlet, but sadly this year, there is not a swift to be seen anywhere. 🙁

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