Tropical Butterflies ~ Mouse Mat


Original Painting Medium: Oil on canvas
Scientific Name: Lepidoptera
Region: The Tropics

Size: 235mm x 185mm
Thickness: 0.4 mm

Not only will my Tropical Butterflies of the World Designer mouse mat brighten up your day, but it will also make using your mouse easier and will protect the finish of your desk.  Durable, dust and stain-resistant, my colourful, lively Tropical Butterflies mouse mat has a black anti-skid foam base, giving the perfect grip for your desktop.  Tropical Butterflies of the World mouse mats are of good quality, soft, comfy to use, and suitable for optical or laser mice: providing optimal performance.

As I child I can remember being mesmerised as I watched butterflies feeding on the buddleia in our garden. Whilst preparing for my oil painting of Tropical Butterflies I was amazed to discover the number of butterfly species worldwide: the variety of their shapes and sizes, special markings, and the rainbow of colours used either for display, warning, camouflage, or disguise. My adventure into the world of butterflies was an education and to portray such colourful, delicate creatures was a blissful, meditative, and beautiful experience.

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