Blue Emperor Butterfly


Oil Painting on Canvas
Approx. Size: 18mm x 13mm


Original Painting Medium: Oil on canvas
Scientific Name: Papilio ulysses
Region: Australia

Blue Emperor Butterfly Oil Sketch 🦋 is my first painting available as part of #artistsupportpledge

My Blue Emperor Butterfly is painted onto a white painted box canvas, 35 mm deep, so it doesn’t need to be framed. 🙂 You can just hang it straight on your wallI as is.

This large Swallowtail butterfly: also known as the Blue Mountain Butterfly, has a 14cm wingspan.  It is such a stunningly impressive species, the Australian state of Queensland uses this butterfly as its emblem.

I only recently discovered #artistsupportpledge It is a generous culture in support of artists and makers, and the concept is a simple one.  Artists post images of their work to sell, for £200 or less – not including shipping.

Anyone can buy my work and when I eventually receive sales that total £1000, I then Pledge to buy another artists work for £200…. This way, artists support each other whilst also bringing colour, light and art into your life and into your home.

As artists we are creating a dynamic micro economy for all artists. This is especially important now, as income from galleries, art exhibitions, workshops has disappeared due to C19.

Thank you so much for reading my post and as always thank you for your support especially during these uncertain times.

Please feel free to repost and tell your friends, colleagues and collectors.

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