Oct 26, 2021 | Diary, Family, Wildlife


Tonight was a perfect Halloween outing with extra spookiness, as it involved walking around a dark and blustery graveyard listening out for bats. I’ve been watching the weather like a hawk, as Niko, my little Pipistrelle bat, was a good weight, has been flying well and I knew he was ready. The forecast for tonight was a dry, warmish evening: perfect for releasing bats. So, on our arrival, I was surprised at how breezy it was – but then again we were now in the churchyard of Dorset’s highest village. Thankfully there were trees and several sheltered spots though, and as soon as the bat detector was on we could hear other bats zipping about. It didn’t take long for Niko to also realise where he was, and within minutes he was soon up and flying strong above us.

When Niko came to stay with me on Oct.6th, he was cold, stiff and half the weight he should have been for this time of year. He’d been found on the church floor, placed on top of the font, and found again on the floor the following day. To see him looking so good, healthy and flying free was a perfect way to celebrate Samhain and Halloween.

I like bats, and old doors too.

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