Grace - Horse Portrait Original Art

Size: 510mm x 510mm
Frame: Black - Mount: Grey
Price: £1,600.00

Original Painting Medium: Charcoal, Pastel
Scientific Name: Equus Caballus
Region: Worldwide

I have always admired horses and have always wished I'd had the opportunity to learn how to ride when I was younger. Unfortunately the cost was always prohibitive, and when the opportunity finally did arrive - I'd already sadly injured my back, and was advised that horse riding would seriously aggravate my back problem. 

I love the look and the temperament of large working Shire horses, and also love the majesty and beauty of Arabs. Horses are truly magnificent creatures and even though am unable to ride, I enjoy their beauty through my art.

I was fascinated by the cast shadows and the play of light emphasising the muscles and power of this handsome horse.  I have called my portrait 'Grace', as suggested by my dear friend Chrissie.  Thank you also to photographer, Ainslie Gilles-Patel for allowing me to portray her beautiful photograph. Grace was a joy to portray.

In 1989, I started my career as a Pet Portrait artist; drawing mainly pet dog and cat portraits and including wildlife artwork wherever possible. Within a very short time, I was delighted to also be receiving horse portrait commissions. This is my first horse portrait in black and white charcoal and pastel.