Feeding Cub - Wolf Card

Miniature Fine Art Greetings Card
Size: 297mm x 210mm
Price: £3.99

Original Painting Medium: Graphite Pencil
Scientific Name: Canis lupus
Region: Northern hemisphere

na wolffeedcubss 330

My artwork, 'Feeding Young Cub', is a pencil portrait. The study of animal behaviour has always fascinated me; we can learn much from our fellow creatures. The study of wolf interaction and wolf behaviour is also of great interest to me and I thoroughly enjoyed portraying my artwork, 'Feeding Young Cub'. In my drawing the mother wolf is regurgitating her food for her pup. Cubs pester, lick and fuss at the mothers muzzle in order to encourage her to share the remains of her kill.

My wolf drawing was produced for the book, 'A New Era for Wolves and People' by Dr. Marco Musiani.