Iris Study Card

Miniature Fine Art Greetings Card
Size: 297mm x 150mm
Price: £3.75

Original Painting Medium: Watercolour
Scientific Name: Iris germanica
Region: U.K

na iriss 250

Iris is the Greek word for 'rainbow'. The original bearded iris had purple flowers with a purple beard. The wild iris, the 'fleur-de-lys', was adopted and worn by Louis VII in his crusades, 'Lys' being a corruption of 'Louis'.

The elegance, structure and depth of colour of the iris, inspired me to study and portray this beautiful flower. For my Iris painting I used watercolours. I am interested in and a keen conservationist of Flora and Fauna. This was my first attempt at floral art also known as botanical art and in the not too distant future I look forward to painting and portraying flowers and plants from various parts of the world.

The poise and elegance of the germanica type of bearded iris, with its sword-like leaves and every conceivable combination of colour makes this one of the most commonly grown of the large and varied family of irises. The plants vary in height, from dwarfs, a few inches high, through the intermediate irises, 16-24 inches high, to the tall bearded irises that grow to 4 feet high and flower from May to June. Though the blooms are individually short-lived, a succession of flower-buds ensure weeks of colour in the garden. The Iris is a beautiful flower and definitely one of my favourites.

I have redesigned my original Iris artwork, incorporating all aspects from my original Iris painting, in order to produce my Fine Art Prints and Greetings Cards.