Robin in Snowdrops

Fine Art Watercolour Paper
Giclee 'OPEN EDITION' Prints
Aprox. Size: 330mm x 280mm
Price: £38.00

Original Painting Medium: Pastel
Scientific Name: Erithacus rubecula and Galanthus nivalis
Region: U.K

The Snowdrop, also known as the 'snow piercer', is one of my favourite flowers. I have always wanted to draw or paint snowdrops and to combine them with my pastel drawing of a Robin was great fun.

To see large clusters of snowdrops nestled at the base of a tree or scattered throughout woodland is a pretty and welcome wintry sight. Snowdrops are also a reminder that Spring is on its way and they brighten up the greyest winters day.

As an early flower the snowdrop also provides a welcome source of food for many insects which in turn pollinate the flowers. These delicate little white flowers were once collected by village maidens to be worn as a symbol of purity.

In my pastel painting I have portrayed a robin perched on top of a snow covered log amongst snowdrops. Once, when working in my garden, a baby robin decided to perch on top of my head. He was as cute as a button and I felt very honoured.  Noted for their tameness they will often search for worms and insects around gardeners who are turning over the earth. Robins are one of the best-loved garden birds in Britain, though they also reside in woodland.

Robins are territorial birds and guard their home-ground fiercely. The familiar distinctive warbling song can be regularly heard in March as the breeding season begins. Inside the nest a clutch of 5-6 eggs are incubated by the female and the young robins emerge with a speckled plumage instead of the familiar red face and breast of the adult bird. The nest is usually hidden amongst thick ivy on trees or walls, but can also be found in outbuildings or inside an old tin kettle or plant pot hidden at the back of an open shed.

My original 'Robin in Snowdrops' drawing is also available as a Christmas Card, Greetings Card and Fine Art Print.