Tropical Butterflies Coaster

Tropical Butterflies Fine Art Design Coasters
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My Tropical Butterflies of the World Coasters are sold individually wrapped and are also available in sets of six; presented in a stylish Gift Box with embossed silver logo. Each coaster has a hard, glossy, heat resistant, melamine surface. Coaster Size: 90mm x 90mm x 3mm

As I child I can remember being mesmerised as I watched butterflies feeding on a buddleia in our garden. Whilst preparing for my butterfly painting I read a number of books on butterflies and was amazed at the number of butterfly species worldwide and their diverse range of habitats. Butterflies come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with special markings and such a rainbow of colours used either for display, warning, camouflage or disguise.  My adventure into the world of butterflies and painting such colourful, delicate creatures was a lovely experience.