Harvest Mouse Coaster

Harvest Mouse Fine Art Design Coasters
Price: £2.99
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My Harvest Mouse Coasters are sold individually wrapped and are also available in sets of six; presented in a stylish Gift Box with embossed silver logo. Each coaster has a hard, glossy, heat resistant, melamine surface. Coaster Size: 90mm x 90mm x 3mm

For my painting of a Harvest Mouse I collected a few stalks of wheat from a nearby field and using a variety of photographic reference material portrayed my Harvest Mouse in pastels. As yet, I have not seen a Harvest Mouse in the field, but I was once lucky enough to find the remains of a nest. In by-gone years the Harvest Mouse may not have been a favourite with farmers - but to portray the features of this cute little chap was a great pleasure and I look forward to seeing a Harvest Mouse in the wild one day.