Wolf Journal


November 14th
Received a lovely email from Denise Taylor, Advisor for the UK Wolf Conservation Trust, inviting me to provide illustrations for an international wolf book project.


February 2nd

Grand Opening of the UK Wolf Conservation Trust Education Centre

Walked with wolves, met nice folk and made new friends.

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30th September

The UK Wolf Trust Seminar

Set in the magnificent location of Ufton Court, Reading

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Speakers Cornelia (Neil) Hutt,         Zegeye Kibret from the Ethiopian
Zegeye Kibret, Peter Cairn,             Wolf Conservation Trust
Roy Dennis MBE & wolves
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Roy Dennis MBE                              Denise Taylor & daughter Charlotte
& a very happy me

Zegeye Kibret from the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Trust received a cheque donated from UKWCT.  Ethiopian Wolves are classed as IUCN Red List: Endangered, and are officially protected in Ethiopia. They live in seven isolated populations high in Ethiopia's Bale Mountains and with only 500 adult Ethiopian wolves worldwide; they are one of our rarest carnivores. 

Roy is is one of Scotland's most respected ecologists and spoke about species reintroduction into Scotland. A field ornithologist in the Scottish Highlands and Islands since the 1950s, Roy has been a leading player in reintroduction projects on sea eagles, red kites and ospreys. The wolves as always were eager for their walk around the Ufton Court Estate.


October 5th

World Animal Week

In celebration, the UK Wolf Conservation Trust held a World Animal Day event today in Beenham, Reading.


This week have been organising my art stand for the Wolf Trust event whilst also writing and sorting photographs for an 'Artists & Illustrators' magazine article. Am also am working with Labrador Lifeline, the Labrador rescue charity, plus writing an article about my artwork for the 'Wolf Watch' magazine. Am also discussing sponsorship and photos with Hahnemuhle Fine Art.  Exciting times!

On our way to the Wolf Trust the weather was atrocious but thankfully by lunchtime the rain had stopped. There were many visitors and it was an enjoyable day with a variety of stalls, refreshments, talks and film shows. As always, the wolves, were the stars of the show.



U.K Wolf Conservation Trust Seminar

Brian and I attended the U.K Wolf Conservation Trust Seminar in Reading this afternoon.

bkmmwolfseminarDSC 0013wolfseminar250-349

Dr. Marco Musiani, Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary and author of 'A New Era for Wolves and People', opened the proceedings with a slide show displaying my artwork on a huge screen. Brian and I sat there in utter amazement as neither of us had expected my artwork to be even mentioned, nevermind see it on a whopping big screen in front of an audience of 60+ people. Marco spoke kindly of my contribution to the book and I was on Cloud 9!

Other s
peakers included Dr. Alistair J . Bath a social scientist who studies human dimensions in wildlife resource management issues and Dr. Claudio Sillero-Zubiri, a British zoologist, conservation biologist and founder of the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme. Later in the day I met Claudio, Alistair and Wildlife Photographer, Chris Senior. It was a super day.

November 7th

Book Launch

book41Gb8mcyVYL  SL500 AA24UK Wolf Conservation Trust Open Day and Book Launch.  The launch of the new wolf book, which the UK Wolf Conservation Trust has supported since the concept was first realised by Professor Marco Musiani at a wolf symposium in Banff, Canada in 2003.

Today was an absolutely excellent day. Having never been to a book launch before, I had no idea what to expect. The sun was shining and many people attended. Money raised will go to helping to protect wolves around the world. Thank you once again Denise and Marco for inviting me to be a part of 'A New Era for Wolves and People'.



May 31st

Book Launch

wolf-book2lgUK Wolf Conservation Trust 'Open' Day, 15th Anniversary & Launch of the 2nd book: 'World of Wolves', New Perspectives on Ecology, Behaviour, and Management written by Marco Musiani, Luigi Boitani, Paul Paquet.

Above are just a few of the photographs and events experienced whilst producing the wolf artwork for the two books: A 'New Era for Wolves and People', and The 'World of Wolves': by Dr. Marco Musiani.

Special thanks to Denise Taylor, Marco Musiani, Anne Carter, John Denness and Chris Senior. En-route I  learned lots, met some super folk - a lovely experience and journey.