Wolf Book Launch

November 7th 2009

'New Era for Wolves and People' Book Launch & Open Day, at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust

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Dr. Marco Musiani, Alistair J. Bath, Denise Taylor and me at the Book Launch in the Education Centre at the U.K Wolf Conservation Trust.
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Me Book Signing - The new book, 'A New Era for Wolves and People' displayed on the counter.
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Author, Dr. Marco Musiani speaking at the Wolf Book Launch. UK Wolf Conservation Trust Seminar.
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The sun shone and throughout the day visitors popped into my little Gallery/Wolf Kitchen. It was ideal and a big Thank you to Tsa and the UKWCT team for kindly providing such a lovely space for my artwork. A percentage from all sales of my prints and cards to be donated to the UK Wolf Conservation Trust.

bkgal0DSC 0138
Tsa Palmer (Trust Director)
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Andi, all the way from Gloucester, popping into the Gallery to say Hi :-) Views of the wolf enclosures just outside 
bkgaland0DSC 0144

'Flat Bats disguised as earrings gate-crash the UK Wolf Conservation Trust Book Launch, in Beenham, Berkshire'! Promoting Bat Conservation are accomplice Bat Girls, Su and Andi.
bkbatgls20DSC 0147

Andrew waving to the wolves :-)
bkandrewwave0DSC 0119

A busy little Gallery
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bkgal0IMG 3688

My lovely and well-behaved girl :) watching the 'goings-ons' from the back of my little Gallery. Sat next to the wolves dinner-bins; she thought she was in heaven.
bkgalte0DSC 0143

A good day and the sun shone 
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May 31st

UK Wolf Conservation Trust 'Open' Day - UKWCT 15th Anniversary - Launch of the 2nd book:
The 'World of Wolves', New Perspectives on Ecology, Behaviour, and Management written by Marco Musiani, Luigi Boitani, Paul Paquet.

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The launch of a new wolf book which the UK Wolf Conservation Trust has supported since the concept was first realised by Professor Marco Musiani at a wolf symposium in Banff, Canada.

Marco and his co-editors, Luigi Boitani and Paul Paquet have brought together ground-breaking research from biologists and wolf conservationists throughout the world. The project became so big that the book was subsequently split into a series of two books. The second book, with a strong human dimensions focus,  published February 2010.

UKWCT specialist adviser, Denise Taylor, was the project manager for both books, and commissioned the accomplished wildlife artist, Susan Shimeld, on behalf of the Trust to produce a series of unique drawings and sketches to illustrate the book.
© Courtesy UKWCT