Pet Pics

Pet Portraitrature: 1989 - 2013


Dandie Dinmont was one my first attempts at a doggy drawing.  I have always loved working in pencil and initially my artwork was always in various shades of black and white. After seeing my pencil sketch of a Great Dane; a Great Dane breeder commissioned two oil paintings of two of his dogs. I accepted the commissions; having had no previous experience with oils.  At the time I didn't realise that this was the beginning of my career as a pet portrait artist. Am very grateful to Dusty and his family for their support all those years ago. It was a great start!

Photographs from left to right:
My first Solo Exhibition at Shaftesbury Art Centre - 1991
Great Dane ~ Sam ~ Oil painting - 1989
Dandie Dinmont Terrier ~ Pencil portrait - 1988
Pharaoh Hound ~ Pencil portrait
African Grey Parrot ~ Rigsby ~ Pencil and Pastel
Brindle Great Dane ~ Leo ~ Oil painting
Leonberger ~ Marnie ~ Pastel portrait

Apologies for the quality of the above photographs but many were taken pre: digital and are copied from old photos.